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the elizabeth bennet

Rustic meets refined in our classic picnic package, named for the heroine of Jane Austen's beloved Pride and Prejudice. "The Elizabeth Bennet" features a little bit of everything - savoury and sweet, traditional and modern, healthy and indulgent, all unified by a focus fresh seasonal ingredients.

One savoury main
Two seasonal salads
Something sweet
Your choice of hot or cold beverage

the betty

Is it named for Betty Crocker, Betty Draper, or Veronica's wholesome blonde counterpart? We'll never tell. What we can tell you is that this beauty is full of mid-century magic: kitschy tableware, classic comfort-food favourites, and more cream cheese than is probably good for you. A bit of a departure from our other offerings,  the Betty is a nostalgia-filled romp into the age of pastels and pimentos.

Fun fifties-inspired hors d'oeuvres
Salads - not jellied, we promise
Retro dainties
Classic lemonade

the queen e 

A British-inspired tea party fit for royalty,  the "Queen E" features a selection of fancy sandwiches, tarts, cakes,  and other pretty little dainties. Accompanied by a thermos of fresh-brewed whole-leaf tea (or iced tea), this picnic package will transport you to the grounds of Buckingham palace.

A selection of tea sandwiches and sweet treats
Premium whole-leaf tea
Fresh fruit