Sample Menus

Picnic 9093.JPG

mother's day weekend 2018

For a day in the park with 3 generations of women and fabulous hats (see RETROSPECT PHOTOGRAPHY's beautiful blog for more details).

Wild dandelion spanakopita
Asparagus and goat cheese turnovers
Tzatziki with fresh chives
Cucumbers in lemony yogurt
Marinated barlotti bean and roasted pepper salad
Olives, tomatoes, apples
Lemon-almond cupcakes
Lavender-Earl Grey Iced Tea Lemonade

apple blossom viewing at patterson arboretum, may 2018

A menu for enjoying the ephemeral show of apple blossoms in the evening light.

Vietnamese fresh rolls with pansies, pea shoots, sweet carrot,  bell pepper, and smoky tempeh
Peanut-marmalade dipping sauce with chili and lime
Mixed salad with radish sprouts and sweet soy dressing
Chili-lime snack mix (peanuts, almonds, coconut)
Cardamom-honey poached pears and fresh raspberries
Elderflower spritzers